In anticipation of the 2012 Olympics in London, Saucony wanted to create a campaign that celebrated its athletes.

Sports photographer John Huet captured each athlete as they trained.
We wanted to create a fun, spirited presence in and around London prior to and during the games.

SUBWAY VIDEO INSTALLATION:  Using subway tunnel video media, a Saucony team sprinter is filmed to look as if he is running outside a train car, eventually passing it.
OUTDOOR VIDEO PROJECTION:  Saucony long jumper athlete, Tiana Madison, is projected running on the side of a building, then jumping and landing on a building across the street.
OUTDOOR VIDEO PROJECTION:  Live and pre-recorded footage of people running all over the world is projected on the side of a building to create one continuous road. Footage includes regular people out for a casual run, athletes in training as well as actual races.
A sort of “radar” for runners, this iPhone app was designed to help people find runs and other runners in their community and around the world. Runners announce meeting places and times wherever they are. They can access runs in their area that other runners recommend. They can also find other runners in the area.
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