Meet the Gen Xers behind this site...

Susan began her career as a copywriter at Hal Riney & Partners, back when you could actually ride the elevator with Hal himself (but not speak to him, never speak to him).  From there she continued to work her way up the creative ladder in San Francisco as well as New York at Grant, Scott & Hurley (a Goodby spin-off now known as Chemistry Club), Kirshenbaum Bond (that’s pre-Senecal and Forsman & Bodenfors), and Grey (as a CD, starting back in the Tor days).  She also spent many, many years as a freelance CD and writer, a lifestyle she has returned to that is both frightening and totally awesome.  When she’s not creating ads or sending out ageism questionnaires, she’s contemplating how to get her manuscript sold, working on her four Instagram accounts, and looking for her next adventure (which may or may not include her husband and two kids).

Rob Rooney stumbled ass-backward into a career in advertising and, so far, hasn’t figured out how to stumble his way out.  He started out working on the Tyco Toys account for the New York office of Bozell, Jacobs, Kenyon & Eckhart—an agency so storied they turned it into a Home Depot.  He has since worked at Ogilvy, FCB, CollegeHumor, and Young & Rubicam.  He currently works as a Creative Director on Cadillac at Rokkan, where he regularly fields questions about 80s and 90s culture.  And he is also the creator of Anxie-tees, where helps fight mental health stigma one snarky t-shirt at a time. In his spare time, Rob writes humor articles for sites like McSweeney’s and solves mysteries with a gang of teenage detectives and a talking dog.
A special shout-out to ERIN ALVO-ZEREGA for generously donating her time to create our logo and guide these two writers in the design of the site. Click on her name to check out her own thoughts on ageism in the industry -- they're pretty darn great as well.

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