Moet is all about living the fabulous life. Our job was to bring the fabulous life.

When you’re shooting with legendary celebrity fashion photographer Roxanne Lowit, the fabulous life starts early. I believe the champagne started flowing around 10am. But I could still be a little foggy.
We didn't just want to tell people to live a fabulous life.  We actually wanted to help them live it.
Our idea was to have parties in various "fabulous" locations around the world.  These maps were created to be posted around town with the location for that weeks party...and little else. 
On Saturday nights in a few select cities around the globe, these "luxury taxis" would be waiting to take people we deem fabulous to the next hotspot.  Pictures are streamed online, along with interview footage inside the car as we learn more about our passengers.
This "live" billboard acts as a stage for fabulous bands and fashion shows.
These designer "benches" are installed in city parks.
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