As a Creative Director on Haagen Dazs, I have overseen a number of fun, interesting projects and initiatives that include television, outdoor, social posts, gifs, online films, web site building, landing pages, and activations. 

TELEVISION/OLV:  "Simple Sounds" :30
These days, the ice cream category is filled with more incredible choices than ever.  Great news for ice cream lovers.  Not such great news for a 57-year-old brand that wants to hold onto its market share.  Haagen Dazs needed to connect with younger ice cream aficionados.  So we embraced the brand’s “experience” and created a spot that reminds people what it truly takes to create something extraordinary.
We also created a more ice cream-centric version.
Haagen Dazs partnered with six little-known culinary artisans to help them create six new flavors in their new artisan line.  We had just $200k to create 27 pieces of unique content that introduced consumers to the artisans and the six new flavors.  So how did we manage to do that?   I interviewed the artisans, an in-house director shot them, and we ate at a lot of low-budget fish shacks and taco joints along the way.  All said and done, we managed to get 6.5 million Facebook views and nearly 200,000 visits to our Artisan landing page. 

Some of the videos we created include a Launch film...

6 Artisan profiles (cut into 2-minute videos, :30s and :15s)...

And a series of 6-second videos.
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