I’ve been a freelance writer on this brand for about a decade now. They keep coming up with new products that are faster, lighter and more powerful. And I’ve had to keep coming up new ways to say faster, lighter and more powerful. Still not sure which is more challenging. But I do know I’m constantly amazed by this brand.

Here are a few of my favorite Apple projects:
I was asked to create an announcement that would cover the construction for an incredible new Apple Store coming soon to Grand Central Terminal. I asked if we could use motion graphics, even though the announcement would only be up for a mere 3 weeks. Being smart, cool and deep-pocketed, Apple said yes.
Here's the billboard in action:
This is the initial drawing I sent to Apple (obviously, I’m a writer) . Computer monitors were ultimately used in place of iPads, which weren't large enough for the space.
What do you write when your assignment is to introduce a revolutionary new Apple product that's "amazingly light and thin"...and you have no idea what that product is (because it's super top secret, you know)? Something like this.

How difficult is it to write holiday gift lines for products you’d kill to receive? Admittedly, not very. In fact, it’s pretty fun.
Headline:  Never give a gift you wouldn't want to borrow.
Headline:  Some thoughts are more thoughtful than others.
Headline:  Turn a "How could you?" into "You shouldn't have."
Headline:  The perfect gift for the like of your life.
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