How do you get people to consider eating one more egg breakfast every week?  With the help of Bacon.  Not just any bacon, of course, but the most famous Bacon of all:  Kevin Bacon.  I was a Creative Director on this incredible campaign that managed to turn a product that no one really thought about into one they couldn’t stop talking about, with 1.5 views of our web film alone in just one week. 
The Case Study
A bit of context, some impressive stats and fancy quotes that helped us bring home a bronze Lion.
When it came to YEAR TWO, the first question we asked ourselves was how in the world can we do it again?  The answer:  add more Bacon -- Kevin's brother, Michael. 
Now back to some more fun stuff from YEAR ONE -- some print ads we created to kick off the campaign that didn't just get people talking...

...they inspired a Reddit photo contest.
And fans like this...
...inspired us to create these:
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